Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Reading

Reading is simply a wonderful hobby. Really...I cannot recommend it highly enough.

You can do it takes no equipment, no training, no team, no special facilities...

Recently, a young friend of mine asked for a book recommendation (actually, she didn't ask me personally -- she posted her request on her Facebook page, and 40 people recommended she read Girl on a Train...)

But it did make me think. If she HAD asked me -- what books or authors would I recommend??
Anything by Bill Bryson.  You will learn something, he will make you think, AND you will laugh out loud....a lot...He is an awesome writer...
My new guy.  Marion recommended him -- and I stayed up until 3:00 AM to finish this book.  THERE IS NO BETTER FEELING IN THE WORLD than not wanting to go to bed because of a good book...
I listened to this book in my car during a long road trip.  Excellent...about all those B Westerns being made in Hollywood during the 1930's...such an interesting time and place.
I just started this new Jack Reacher book. EVEN TOM CRUISE could not ruin Jack Reacher for me. I do soooo want to believe he is based on a real person.
I recently recommended this book, AGAIN, to a new friend. I simply consider it the best book I ever read.
This book was an amazing story about the Singer fortune...Edward Clark and his descendants...the obscene the Singer Sewing Machine Company changed the world. Really. They did that. They changed the world...
What? More Bill Bryson...YOU BETCHA...if you ever plan to visit Australia, this book is a MUST READ. Hey -- if you are NEVER going to Australia, then you REALLY nee to read this book...
Lillian doesn't read yet. But she loves to practice writing. Jackie made this portfolio for her...and she carries it with her in the car. You NEVER know when you might be inspired!!
I love Jodi Picoult. It's good to have an author you love who is John Grisham, Lee Child, Sue Grafton, Patricia Cornwell, Clive Cussler, or John Sanford...well, now you know what I like to read!!
For me, the biggest surprise of the last decade was Jeannette Walls. I'm reading her third book will not be disappointed.
And my girl, Carol Bodensteiner!! How is your book reader working out, Linda B? If you ever get to Iowa, I'll take you to Maquoketa for lunch at the Decker Hotel...!!
I buy many books at the Goodwill store for 88 cents...and I order some as gifts to be sent directly from Amazon. But, BY FAR THE BIGGEST BARGAIN is my FREE Public Library. Right now, I have six books checked out, two TV series (Homeland and Mad Men, Season Three), and four CD books.

In my opinion our FREE library system is what sets America apart from the rest of the world.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my library...we are sooo lucky!!


  1. I hope Lillian and Warren are also checking books out of the library!!!! And being read to! Kids pick up on reading very early! :o)

  2. I am loving Go Away Home.....;) My Book Reader....not so much.....I just checked out my weeks supply of books from the library....and I so agree about Tom Cruise and Jack Reacher.....Really??? Jack is a HUGE man....Tom ....not so

  3. Recommended Go Away Home to Mom as the next book she and her friend read. My favorite authors are Catherine Coulter (her historical romances and her FBI series) and Barbara Delinsky. Right now, I'm reading Hester Browne's Finishing Touches. This is the second book of her I've read. Amusing British novel. Love my library too! And I do like my Kindle Fire.