Monday, May 25, 2015

Wisconsin Visitor's Center

Despite our healthcare system....America does many things really well.

And we should be very proud of our interstate highway system. Really. It is incredible. My friend Marion and I are planning another epic ROAD TRIP this summer -- and, no matter where we go -- one of the things we count on are clean bathrooms, good maps, and wonderful Visitor's Centers.
During my recent trip to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, I stopped at this Wisconsin Visitor's Center.  I was rushing in (to use the bathroom)...and I almost didn't pay enough attention to see this...
On the side of the building, there was this Plaza, with flagpoles...After my visit to the PRISTINE, SPOTLESS facilities inside, I went outside to walk around, drink a bottle of water, check the map.
 I started to read the plaques, but didn't quite get it...
Until I saw this explanation.
Go Wisconsin.
Whenever I encounter something like this, I wonder how it happened.

I wonder if any other states have a memorial such as this, honoring all the Medal of Honor recipients?

It seems to me that any time something lasting or worthwhile is built or erected, there is one person behind it. A mover and shaker...a person who believes in their cause, and spends countless hours getting it funded, planning it, often spending their own money to make it happen...

I went back to the wall, and slowly read aloud the name of every man...thinking about who they were, and what they did, the sacrifice they made.  And Memorial Day is a very good time to say thank you to all our veterans...

I would also like to say thank you to the person who made this monument happen. 

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