Monday, May 4, 2015

Traveling and Working

May is crazy.  I leave on Wednesday to drive to Madison, pick up Mary at the airport -- then on to Beaver Dam for Sewing Weekend.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Emily and Lillian might be able to come see the Ya Ya show on Friday night.  That would be so special.  I would love for Lilly to see WHAT I DO.  The truth is, my people (all men up until now) really have NO CLUE.  (I know there is a poem trying to get out, but I am choosing to ignore it...)

With Mother's Day coming up -- I have been thinking about this a lot.  TELL YOUR PEOPLE WHO YOU ARE.  What a gift that would be.

I wish my Grandmothers had talked to me about THEIR PEOPLE.  But neither one of them ever did.  What was their story?  Who were they?  How did they end up in Iowa?

Pearl Soltau was my father's mother, and I spent a week at her house every summer.  My memories of her are mostly about working on the farm -- and her always being angry with her  I never thought it was a match made in heaven.  I was 30 when she died, and we never talked about her childhood.   I wonder what she loved.  Or who she loved.  I have so many questions.

And my mother's mother -- Edna Stahl.  She's an even bigger mystery.  It's crazy that we don't know if she had brothers and sisters.  

So -- that is your mission.  If you still have a Mother, or a Grandmother -- find out WHO THEY ARE.  And what they love.  And how they got where they're at today.  And what they know about their own mother's mother...

And, if that's not possible -- head in the other direction.  If you have grandchildren, tell them WHO YOU ARE...and what lights you up.  Share your stories.  THAT will be the gift that lasts for the rest of their life...


P.S.  Today is my BIG PACK UP DAY -- wish me luck.  I AM TERRIFIED....WE ARE SUBSTITUTING FOR NANCY ZIEMAN.  I feel like I'm cooking a meal for Julia Child...


P.S.S.:  You know how this blogging thing works.   Sometimes -- I write blogs in advance so I don't have to think about it when I'm traveling.

But that ain't gonna happen this time.  This is one of those months when a girl is too busy LIVING HER LIFE to actually blog about it.

I will try to post some re-runs...think of them as Rita's "Best of"...

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