Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!

Written in 2011:


For many years -- I spent Mother's Day lamenting the fact that it was such a NON-EVENT in my house.

One year, the boys were maybe ten and six years old -- I made breakfast, did laundry...the usual running after two small kids. At some point, I started banging cupboard doors. John was completely perplexed. We had a big fight...and when he said, "but you're not my mother"...I slammed out of the house, got in my car, and spent Mother's Day afternoon sitting in a parking lot, crying my eyes out.

Now -- so many years later -- I can look back and laugh. At this point, John starts planning Mother's Day a month in advance. "What do you want to do, hon? Where should we go to eat? Do you want me to grill out?"...He shops for the most beautiful, sentimental Hallmark Mother's Day card...

And, hey -- one year, Ross and Elliott went together and bought me a clock.

But I am old enough and wise enough to know the truth -- that no son ever went into a jewelry store and ordered a "mother's ring". It's always DAUGHTERS who do that kind of thoughtful shopping. We girls put together the gifts, the dinners, the special occasions.

So on this Mother's Day, I hung around the house until 2:00 PM -- waiting for the phone to ring...before I remembered.

I am the mother of boys...

And, oh yes, they were lucky to have me....

And someday -- long after I'm gone -- it's gonna dawn on them...

P. S. Please do not send me an email, telling me that YOUR son is a thoughtful, considerate gift-giver who always buys you the perfect present. You just got lucky -- your son is gay.


  1. I love it!!!! I told my son I was feeling sorry for myself because he didn't even wish me a Happy Mother's Day this morning and then I read your post, so I'm not alone. I keep waiting for him to get married so his wife will remind him. HA! Thank you for giving me my laugh for the day. Sue from Washington State.

  2. Ditto!! Thank goodness for the girls and women in my life. My husband used that line on me too.

  3. I thought I was the only one who wasn't thrilled with Mother's day! Well, not exactly suffered, I got lunch out with my in-laws, but at 6:00 when no one else had mentioned anything about supper - I started to cook. And on Monday morning all those things that I didn't have to do on Sunday because it was mother's day were waiting for me. I'm still folding laundry.

    On the other hand I did get just what I asked for - no arguements over the clothes I chose for them to wear to church, a back rub, and home made cards. Next year I'm asking for more.


  4. wow, you hit the nail on the head this one!! I did the same act, banging doors and even washed my own my son and daughter "hung out"..I even cooked dinner. I told my sister Eileen, next year we are doing something fun! Mother's Day is sooooo over rated!