Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sewing Weekend, Day ONE

On our first day in Beaver Dam, Mary and I HIT THE STAGE to do our "tips and techniques" class. We showed some of our favorite sewing ideas...(I'm going to take some close-up pictures to show you my BRAND NEW THING...)
The room was full of happy, smiling faces. Can you see who's sitting in the back???
As the ladies were being seated, I took a few pictures...
Then, I handed the camera to Dianna, who was in charge of this venue.
We were at Peace Lutheran Church. And that's Dianne Dhein working the camera...
If you look carefully.....
THEY CAME...!! Unbelievable. Chris and Judy -- the Ya Ya Stalkers!! They came all the way from Oregon!!
OMG. We were shocked. And we had no idea they would be in Beaver Dam. AGAIN. Later on, we found out they flew into Milwaukee. ALL THE WAY FROM PORTLAND, OREGON....Holy Cow!! This show better be good!!

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