Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Decorated Luggage

Sorry about the blog post that did not go up. I'm sitting in Minneapolis, at the Spring Quilt Market trying to write a blog post on a very old, slow business center computer at the hotel.

 The opening page says, "Blogger detects a browser that may not be supported..." Hey -- THAT CAN'T BE GOOD...

Quilt Market has been amazing.  I will be sooo glad to get home. 


I still get more questions about my DECORATED LUGGAGE...than any other single thing I've ever done. Most of these bags have been rolling tote can survive the airline handling forever!  But, then -- HEY -- I just DO A NEW BAG!!

From 2011:


Here I am, arriving in Rochester, New York with Mary Mulari -- remember our long wait at the airport? I don't think I've ever sat on a more picturesque bench...I am surrounded by all my favorite bags...

Years ago -- I started painting my luggage so it would be easier to find on those airport carousels....

I always ADD MY AIRPORT CODE....and my home phone number. There is NO WAY THEY CAN LOSE MY BAGS...
This bag was featured in an issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine. I always LOVE when I'm arriving in a big city where there's a major sewing event...the other women, also waiting for their bags, always notice my luggage and ask, "is your suitcase EMBROIDERED??"
Without cracking a smile, I say, "once you get it hooped, the rest is easy"...

Mary is giving Doug's daughter, Luci, a plain suitcase for Christmas -- and I sent "embellishment instructions"...

So -- I'LL KEEP YOU POSTED. And I'm hoping there WILL BE PICTURES...


  1. thought you came into Rochester?

  2. YES, IT WAS ROCHESTER!! See -- that was a test! THANKS for the edit...I'm fixing it now...

  3. I think they painted that bench just for you. You look at home there!

  4. No kidding, Sue -- I'D LIKE THAT BENCH IN MY HOUSE.

  5. LOVE the luggage! I don't travel as much as I used to for work and that would have been cool! I still may use your idea on our luggage, though! Thank you! AND - I laughed out loud about the embroidery!--Deanna