Friday, May 22, 2015

In Defense of Television

People love to bash television. Really. Dissing television has become a national pastime. It's a daily game of  "I am better than you, because I watch so-and-so". Or -- much more likely -- "I am better than you because I WOULD NEVER watch so-and-so."

Television has become the proof -- maybe the lightening rod -- for everything that is shallow or wrong with America.

I don't get it. YOU HAVE CHOICES, PEOPLE....I absolutely do not care what you watch. OR IF YOU WATCH.  To review -- IT'S A FREE COUNTRY.  But puhleeeze don't give me 'tude just because you have never watched an episode of The Bachelor...

I want to go on record.  TELEVISION has never been better. Our choices are amazing. Maybe because of the heavy competition -- the pressure from streaming shows via the internet -- Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.  The major networks stepped up their game. There is no more LONG BORING SUMMER full of tired re-runs. This week, when Dancing With the Stars ended, the new Bachelorette immediately began. (bye bye Britt). The minute the VOICE announced their winner, NBC is selling America's Got Talent for the summer. (remember the Willett family from Nashville? They have their own show on TLC now...)

I came to Downton Abbey late in the game -- but thanks to the fabulous invention of AN ENTIRE SEASON OF SHOWS ON DVD's -- Ross and I fell in love with the Crawley's, Carson and Mrs. Hughes, watching two episodes per night for one entire summer.

There are few things more enjoyable than looking forward to a television show you are addicted to. A quality show with complex characters, great writing, and memorable lines. Shows like West Wing or China Beach make you think.  All In the Family and Modern Family CHANGED our families...

This summer, for Lillian Claire's Grandma Camp, we'll binge watch one television series for three months. One episode a day...maybe Little House on the Prairie. Or -- how about the Walton's?
I am saving Designing Women for the year she is 10...

Just in case you didn't understand yesterday's reference...

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  1. I cheered when they chose Kaitlyn! Yes I'm like you I LOVE reality TV. I have forever! No complaints from me that new shows are on for the Summer. Big Brother is coming back later this month! & don't forget the Food Network Stars on the 18th.