Thursday, May 28, 2015

Union Rooftop in Minneapolis

The fabulous restaurant in Minneapolis is called the UNION ROOFTOP.

On Rhonda's first night -- we got there early. In time for half price appetizers and drinks!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Even in Princeton, Iowa -- I can't buy appetizer and drinks for $4... (full disclosure -- we can't buy appetizers and drinks for ANY price...)
On this day, the weather was PERFECT
The view of the city was phenomenal
There were so many interesting choices on the menu...(the woman sitting behind Rhonda lives in the neighborhood and eats at this place several times a week.)
The drinks have floating flowers....
The El Camino Marguerita
The Persian Pussy Cat
Please note Rhonda's notebook.  WE ARE WORKING, PEOPLE...
Of course, the trick to really hard work is making it look EASY to other people...

Yes.  My life is wonderful.  THANK YOU, SCHMETZ NEEDLES AND INSPIRED TO SEW MAGAZINE.  I love my job!!

The Rooftop Union was only a block from our hotel.  We had such a wonderful experience -- we decided to return.  You will be green with envy when you see who we had dinner the Union Minneapolis....during Spring Quilt Market...

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