Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

Can you tell what's happening here??  Of course, Lilly is wearing her ALWAYS FASHIONABLE PINK boots...

Yes, that's her Easter Dress -- and it's time for the EASTER SCAVENGER HUNT..!!

When they were growing up -- this is how I delivered Ross and Elliott's Easter Baskets. And I am delighted that it has become a Farro Family tradition! With every clue, Lilly finds a little present -- and the NEXT clue. Something like, "go find you toothbrush, but no need to rush..the paper is pink and it will make you think..." (it is not about the actual poetry!)...

The scavenger hunt started in her bedroom -- then to the living room, into the bathroom, then back to her bedroom...

The FINAL clue said, "Happy Easter, Lillian...it's time to open the front door. Look for the wagon to find your final prize that WILL ROAR."

OH MY GOD...little kids are so much fun!!

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