Monday, May 6, 2013

Auction Mystery Item

I decided to QUIT TALKING ABOUT SEWING WEEKEND -- just in case you are getting depressed because you were not able to attend...TRUST ME -- THERE WILL BE A COMPLETE REPORT COMING UP...

Here's something I bought at the last auction I went to. I only paid $2.50 -- because nobody knew what it was!! Do you??

The GMB auctioneers move along the rows of furniture in their cart -- selling along the this point, they're just getting to Kelcy's Victorian sofa...

I loved these orange stack chairs -- and I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THEM...they only went for $10.....

And, remember the grandstand full of dolls? Well -- there were also stacks of FURNITURE for them..beds and cradles and rockers...

This wooden turkey went for $25. Wow. Too much for my budget...(Amy got lucky here, eh?)

This table was made entirely out of horseshoes and tack....can you see how they did it? AND it went for the bargain price of $35...

But, I GOT THE BARGAIN OF THE DAY. The apricot thing was actually a LINEN ROLL. I only know that because I saw one (many years ago) on the Martha Stewart Show. In all my years of attending auctions, I have NEVER ACTUALLY SEEN ONE. Although, now I wonder about several flat linen pieces I bought -- with ties in odd places. All they were missing was the cardboard tube.


  1. Rita, I love seeing your finds at the auction house. WOW! SO MUCH FUN and SOOO cheap. Love the linen roll. Have never heard of that either. Love your free spirit! You go girl.
    Judy Brennan
    Overland Park, KS

  2. I've heard of linen rolls but have never seen one in my garage sale explorations. I'll keep looking.

    Your deal rocks!