Saturday, May 11, 2013

REST of the van story

Okay -- so here's the REST of the story. Elliott spent 8 years in the Army. He went in as an award-winning shooter, and he became a world-class shooting coach.  When he got out, he started his own business -- Farro's Lead Farm.

Recently, our little town did a benefit for a local farmer who is paralyzed because of an accident. Elliott was the first person to step up and offer a custom built rifle for the auction. That night, his rifle sold for $1550 -- which was the single biggest money maker of the night.

Yes, he builds custom rifles -- but he also reloads ammunition. A LOT OF ammunition....which means CONSTANTLY HAULING SOME VERY HEAVY buckets and barrels of various brass components...back and forth...

Sometimes, he borrows John's pick-up truck. Which only works if it's a sunny day (rain is not a good thing)...and what he really needs is a panel truck.

So, of course, after hearing Eleanor's story about buying a used panel van in Paducah, Kentucky to drive up to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin...

I told her, "I might have a buyer for your van..."

Elliott said, "send me a picture, Mom...and find out what year it is and how many miles. I'll make an offer..."

So this is the picture of Eleanor's Paducah, Kentucky van -- sitting in the parking lot of the motel in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. It would have been a GREAT STORY if Elliott had met her at the Milwaukee airport to buy it. It would have been a better story if it was an all cash deal....and if Eleanor SIGNED the fender...or something...

But, it was not to be. As it turns out -- Eleanor's midwest operation NEEDED one more Elliott is still looking.
If you have a panel van you'd like to sell -- email me.

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