Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pinterest Picks

You know that I actually enjoy cooking. But it wasn't until Pinterest that I even realized a person could MAKE THEIR OWN CRACKERS...!! Really?? When Linda P. made these star shaped crackers during the Christmas holidays, my first question was, "Did Nabisco burn down?"

Of course, I can count on Pinterest to put things into perspective...

For my sister Ronda....

THIS is how I feel about leaving next Tuesday for Sew Expo... matter how hard I try -- I am the woman at the other end of this telephone...
I am leaving on Tuesday for I'VE GOTTA GET PACKIN!!

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  1. Bon voyage, Rita! Maybe I'll bump into you at the airport, we are arriving that day too. ;)I'll be looking for a maxi dress with zebra fabric and cool decorated luggage! :D Safe travels!