Saturday, February 16, 2013

Local History Luncheon

The Outing Club is the Davenport, Iowa version of the tony "members only" country club for rich people. Like most of those clubs -- the Outing Club has fallen on hard times. The fabulous old mansion that used to host the weddings of the elite -- and debutante balls -- is not so relevant in 2013. But even though it's looking a little worn...

It is still the grandest lady in town...

And I love the fact that they've opened it up for more public events -- partnering with the local colleges to run luncheon events, etc. This is the balcony and ceiling medallion in the grand ballroom. See what I mean??

On this day in January -- the event was a luncheon with a speaker who was a local historian. Our local history involves some Indians, some corrupt politicians, the murder of Colonel Davenport...Antoinne LeClaire was a fascinating person....I LOVE THIS STUFF...

I went with my cousin Linda. The food was terrific, too! Roast pork AND a catfish fillet. Who knew??

And -- hey -- how often do you get a chance to eat in a room lit by a dozen crystal chandeliers??

Thanks for setting it up, Linda! Hey -- GREAT COAT!!

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