Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Writing class...

First of all -- Happy 4th of July.  It would be pretty darn easy for me to cut 'n paste an American Flag or a link to a moving rendition of God Bless America.  But I'm thinking there's actually PLENTY OF THAT GOING

I didn't realize I'd be taking a mini-blogging-vacation.  But don't worry -- I'll get back on track next week.  In the meantime -- thanks for the emails telling me you missed me.  AND -- it was a mistake to ask about what I do in a writing class...

This is a picture from several years ago.  Dr. Roald Tweet.  A distinguished professor at Augustana University -- he taught me how to write.  I've taken many classes from him over the years...and the recycled t-shirt I'm wearing says, "How Can You Go Wrong If You Write?"

My favorite teacher at this year's conference was Christiana  Langenberg.  She gave us this 3-word sentence assignment.  Take a period of your llife and condense it down. Try to get five years on one page -- using ONLY THREE WORD sentences. 

Being an over-achiever -- I did ten years...

I'm only going to leave this up for a day or so...and mostly I'm posting it for Sandy...THANKS FOR ASKING, BABE...



  1. Awesome Rita! Love it you little over-achiever you, but pretty much says it all!!

  2. Wow!!! I thought there was no way that three word sentences could say very much. But you said it all. I'm very impressed...

  3. Wow!! Even though I know about all of this and have even lived through a lot of it with you....reading it like this is so powerful! Farro, you are the bomb! I am proud to know you and have you for the very best friend I've ever had!!!