Saturday, July 14, 2012

T-shirt Dresses Rock!!

My obsession with making dressess out of recycled t-shirts started last summer -- when Val was recuperating from her foot surgery.  A dress was so much easier than shorts or pants...And I had a really good time picking out just the perfect messages on the t-shirts...

During Val's rehab -- she was in a nursing home.  Clearly, the youngest person there...but it was still kinda insulting when a nurse walked in one day and said, "Are you the Mom?"...ugh...Remember this post? 


You already saw the picture of Val with her July 4th dress...

During Lilly's visit -- we went to the home to visit with Val. However, Lillian decided to be shy on that day. (please note that she did NOT let go of her purse...)

This is a picture of my favorite daughter, Valerie, wearing gown #2 -- which started with a pink flamingo t-shirt...

And this is my personal favorite -- gown #3. Can you read the words?

But, trust me -- it's the TIE-DYED SKIRT that makes this dress!!

Yes, it is important to me that my daughter be the best-dressed resident in the nursing home...and I have ONE MORE DRESS planned before she goes home to finish her recovery.


Well -- since last summer -- I have been stocking up on 25 cent t-shirts from the Goodwill store.  My stash is AWESOME...and now I can make t-shirt dresses for EVERYBODY I KNOW...

Oh, yeah.  This is gonna be fun!!