Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Favorite Pinterest Food Ideas

Here's the most fun thing about Pinterest. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PICTURES. I see something that I fancy -- and I simply "pin it" onto one of my boards. AND, someday, when I'm planning a big fancy party or a premiere of some kind -- I'll have all these good ideas. When I saw this picture, I knew I would do it one day...

And doesn't that look easy enough? I'd buy a cheesecake from the grocery store -- and use pretzel sticks -- then dip them in chocolate and roll it in nuts. I AM IN HEAVEN...

One clever Pinner had a picture of her cupcakes...after 5 minutes in the oven, she pushed a Hershey kiss down into each cupcake for a creamy chocolate center. Another cupcake idea -- when they're just about done -- place a marshmallow on top of each one for the final 3 minutes of baking time to create a toasted frosting...I CAN DO THAT.

Because my cakes are from a "boxed mix" -- I was stunned when the "make a richer cake" pin kept popping up. In all these years, it never once occurred to me that I could mess with the recipe on the back of the box. REALLY?? Pinterest tells me to add one additional egg, use melted butter instead of oil, and milk instead of water. I CAN DO THAT!!

Although -- there are also some crazy time-consuming ideas on Pinterest that I love to make fun of.

Like, for example, homemade marshmallows.

You cook a sugar syrup mixture to the hard crack stage...then pour it into your mixer stand...with gelatin and egg whites or something...and beat it for 30 minutes...or something...huh?? My comment to this pin was, "If I live to be 100 years old, I will never do this. Because my grocery store is still selling marshmallows for $1.50."

You are right. I have been so busy "pinning" about sewing and cooking and doing laundry...I haven't actually had time to do any of it. I understand irony...

Yes, Debra...I, too, need a "Pintervention"....

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  1. Really!!! You did not know you can mess with boxed cake mixes!! You MUST buy The Cake Doctor recipe book and The Chocolate Cake Doctor! My favorite recipe in those books is the Fuzzy Navel cake.
    Laura in Puyallup