Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Pics

So, then, you are probably wondering how my poor nephew Toby turned out? Did he manage to recover after the childhood trauma of attending a live performance of "The Sound of Music" with his Aunt Rita?

Here he is today, holding the happiest baby in America...his son Oliver...
Toby has two sons.  Clayton is off playing someplace...Oliver is trying to
 stay out of trouble on his Daddy's lap.

Toby is married to beautiful Brenda...this is my favorite zebra-stripe picture of the summer. 

On "Laser Tag" day -- Lillian picked out her own outfit. (obviously)

Another wonderful young Mom -- Emily lets Lilly make her own choices. (when appropriate)

Myla -- looking up at her great Aunt-Rita. 
Hey -- it just doesn't get any better than this, people!! I am SO LUCKY to have all these children in my life. And I know what a blessing they are. Also -- I am old enough to understand that they will REMEMBER a few of the moments we spend together. And I love knowing that. It's how we go on. It's what really matters.

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