Monday, July 23, 2012


It is absolutely unbelievable to me that I have been able to find time in my very busy day for YET ANOTHER TIME SUCK.

No kidding. My new obsession is called PINTEREST...

Facebook was all about communicating via the written word. One person said, "I used to wonder what people were thinking. Then along came Facebook. I am sooo over it..."

Just when I thought I might get my life back -- along came Pinterest.

I spend more time on Pinterest than I ever did on Facebook. It's like getting your favorite magazine delivered to your door EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY.

Pinterest is all about PICTURES. It allows you to easily sort your "Favorites" list into manageable "bulletin boards" or individual "scrapbooks". You don't have to worry about writing something clever -- you just "pin" pictures that appeal to your sense of adventure, your personal taste, anything that tickles your fancy -- everything you love.

You could have a "cupcake" board -- I love my "Toddler Dresses" board.

You might be asking yourself -- what's so great about that?

Beats me.

I just know I CAN'T STOP DOING IT...and something on Pinterest makes me laugh every single day...


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going back and reading my boards. Sometimes I just grab an interesting "pin" -- so I can look at it later. (click on the picture and it takes you to the source -- a website, blog, tutorial, etc.) Like the one that said you could break one of those glow sticks into a jar of children's bubbles...then you will have glowing bubbles at night. Really? WILL THAT WORK??

Everybody has different "boards" -- depending on their interests. Some of mine: Books, Food, Sewing, Style, Painted Furniture, Laundry, Maxi Dresses, Make Me Laugh, Quotes, Kids Stuff, Sewing & Stitchery Expo, My Favorite Books, Places I've visited..

And you would not believe all the fabulous sewing tutorials on Pinterest!!

One of my favorite boards is MAXI DRESSES....which is mostly a direct result of my other favorite board "Recycled T-Shirt Ideas"....

Now that I'm done messing with the blogger interface -- I'll be able to write some posts about the maxi dresses I've been making. I am having a mountain of fun with recycled t-shirts!!
I love "mother-daughter" dresses. Starting with a t-shirt, I made these two dresses for Emily and Lillian...

Well, maybe they'll look better ON my people, eh??

Okay -- apparently I still have some issues to resolve. But now that I've kicked the new blogger interface to the curb -- I AM VERY HOPEFUL

IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE IT ALREADY -- check out Pinterest. Bonne is hooked. So is Debra. Mary is one of my new best friends. Kelcy does it...(altho she pins for Deena)...

Thanks for all the supportive emails during this blogging dark time. I missed you, too, Violet!! And Sharon -- you are the bomb! I appreciatated every email...Bonnie, Heidi, Pat and Mary Jane, Sandy, Lin, Kathy, Elaine, Martha, Anne, Kaye, Barb, Susan and Michelle...well -- YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

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