Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Perfect Garden Party

You never know when it's going to happen -- but if you ARE VIGILANT -- and just keep getting OUT THERE -- you will have a moment that is perfection. My sister Deena was the hostess for her granddaughter's baptism. Baby Nora. They decided to have it in the backyard...
This is Deena, moments before the party.  Yes, that's a piano!  And she played during the sing-a-long element of the event.  Although -- as singers -- we pretty much sucked...

Deena, with baby Nora, her seventh grandchild!  SUCH RICHES.  Please note the little gold "baby ring"...such a beautiful family tradition!!

I took this picture before the party, from the pianist's point of view.  What a stunning summer day. 

This is the view from the deck of the house -- right before the baptism started.

It was such a memorable day -- for so many reasons. The weather was hot -- but because of all those old oak trees -- we were comfortable sitting in the yard. In my opinion, air conditioning has ruined our appreciation of old fashioned shade trees and summer breezes.
During the baptism, the little kids and the big Schroder dogs were running around, playing with each other. A retired minister family friend, Ruthann, preached a sermon -- and she brought her 12 year old grandson, who played his violin. It was a memorable, enjoyable afternoon -- with a sermon, a piano, AND a violin recital in the back yard. The perfect, beautiful, well behaved, smiling newborn guest of honor made it a very unique experience.
During the lunch, I told Ruthann that if church was like this, I would go. She laughed. Kinda.
Good job, Deena!! It was like everything came together...the day, the people, the food. Everybody who was there enjoyed it as much as I did....
Congratulations on the beautiful new baby girl. Like I said -- PERFECTION...!!

And -- for the record -- SEVEN GRANDCHILDREN!! I am GREEN with envy. Totally green!!

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