Thursday, July 12, 2012

Deena's Baby Traditions

So -- before I lose track of these beautiful pictures -- I wanted to share some of my sister's family traditions. Because they've had the blessings of SEVEN BEAUTIFUL babies -- Deena has been able to CEMENT these "new baby" family traditions...

My favorite, of course, is that she always sews the new baby a baptism gown...

Nora's Daddy, Chad, was giving Nora a little nap right before the baptism.

Deena has her favorite pattern -- and she has completely MASTERED puff sleeves and covered buttons...

The little gold "baby ring" is so precious.  The baby always wears it with a string tied around her wrist.  And then, the mother wears it on a gold chain around her neck. 

Deena's house sits where a one-room school house USED to be.  There is an antique Merry-Go-Round the kids all love.  Shockingly, over the years, there have been very few accidents. 

OH, YEAH...there is always way too much food.  If it's at Deena's house, there will be Cheezy Hashbrowns.
What a spectacular day. The best garden party I have ever been to. Maybe it was the happy occasion. Or the live music. The stunning day, the shady trees, the delicious food...I dunno. But I know these days don't just happen on the spur of the moment. Like Christmas -- family traditions require a lot of preplanning and WORK. But it's sooo worth it. These are the moments our children will have when they grow up. The memories they'll talk about when they are 50 years old. And if you are having a family event this summer -- you will almost always find a Grandma who sews behind the scenes -- making sure everybody got a plate. I say it all the time. Women who sew are the best. We are the most giving, loving, creative people on the planet. And you deserve a pat on the back...!! GOOD WORK, YOU.

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