Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Runway Episode 5

Episode 5 -- the designers are in Central Park -- and they're supposed to find somebody to be their "muse". Then, with $150 they get the CLOTHES OFF THEIR BACK -- and (if they have any money left) they can buy some extra fabric at Mood. They have two days to create something "fashion forward".

I LOVED THE CHALLENGE. Who are we kidding? This is what I do EVERY SINGLE DAY. ..recycling things...taking a t-shirt and making a dress out of it. Last week I cut up a velour dress to make a robe for Memphis...

AND -- I've always enjoyed people watching in Central Park. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN...

Anthony was so confident that his outgoing personality would make it easy...and it was...but then he picked a tired 70's polyester blouse as his "muse"...?? For some extra fabric -- he approached a half naked hot white guy wearing cut off jeans shorts??

Oh oh. ..this could be harder than I thought..

Mondo HIT THE JACKPOT with a trendy girl who was wearing a LONG DRESS -- with black and white stripes AND a wild geometric print. It looked like he designed it in the FIRST PLACE. And honestly -- it's too bad he had to cut into it!!

Austin found the best muse of all -- a girl with a gold glitter manicure, a feathered broach, and a striped mini-skirt...

I have high expectations as they go into the workroom...

You should go on the website so you can see the BIG PICTURES of these designs...I thought Kenley's dress (in the middle) was awesome -- but it looked more like Mondo than Kenley.

And Mila's pants (bottom left) were GREAT...they really don't give her enough credit...

But this week, if I'm being honest -- Michael should have gone home. OH MY GOD...if he had only stuck with his original crocheted/gray top. But he had no confidence -- and after one "doily" comment from that blonde Tim Gunn wannabe -- he abandoned it in favor of an ill-fitting nude swimsuit which was a hot mess...

However -- after two wins -- the judges just couldn't bring themselves to send Michael home -- so Anthony got the boot instead.

Once again -- Rami could have won the challenge. He is consistently good -- his designs are creative and beautifully finished every week...and did I mention how good he looks in a tank top??

Mondo got the win. But I thought his "muse" garment looked WAY BETTER before he cut it up into shorts and paired it with a denim jacket..(although beautifully sewn it was completely random).

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  1. Regarding your Rami focus...lol....have you ever watched Bitchin Kitchen on the Cooking Channel? Her sidekicks are pure eye candy :-)
    Michael's outfit was definitely worse, but I think it's because Anthony only used his muse fabric in that itty bitty purse.
    Laura in Puyallup