Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

Okay -- so I went a little NUTS last fall when Target introduced the Missoni collection. And YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE IT. I bought some dishes...

And when my local Target was SOLD OUT OF EVERYTHING -- Mary snagged some Missoni treasure for me...I LOVE it all...the rug is especially fabulous

And the suitcase is an absolute SHOW STOPPER!! (I've loaned it to Linda -- and it will soon be on it's way to California! I LOVE having a bag that knows how to get around...)

I even got lucky -- I bought the DUVET COVER on the Target website!!

Anyway -- I am debating whether or not I should even go to Target tomorrow...

Sunday -- February 5 -- they will launch the Jason Wu collection....!!

Ridiculous, right? I mean -- what could I possibly need? I'm still paying off my credit card from the Missoni splurge. Besides -- I don't even know anything about Jason Wu.

Well -- there was the Michelle Obama dress.....and I saw some pictures on the Target website....that black cat t-shirt is pretty cute....

I wonder what time they open tomorrow.....??

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