Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kelcy's Sewing

Today, I'm attending YET ANOTHER business class with my niece Kelcy. We both signed up for National Seminars "Star-12" program -- so we get to take as many classes as we want for one year. We've taken computer classes, Facebook classes, marketing classes...we always learn something.

Kelcy works for a farmer's coop. AND she has her own photography business. As a housewarming gift, I gave her a Janome mini...remember??

I am DELIGHTED to report that she has put it to very good use. It is sooo fascinating to me how different these young people are. The very first thing she did? Read the book? Go for a lesson? Nope. She went to YouTube to watch a video about how to thread her sewing machine....

Then, she downloaded a FREE pattern off the internet -- and made this owl pillow!!

No kidding. How amazing is that?

Of course -- since I was going to Kelcy's house for a visit -- I had to take something for Myla...


GREAT JOB on your first sewing projects, Kelcy!!

Thanks again for playing my sewing game...

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