Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grammy Awards

Jennifer Hudson is amazing. And the Weight Watchers commercial -- where she is singing to her fat self -- is the best advertisement I've ever seen on television.

She was DEFINITELY the highlight of the Grammy Awards this year.

When I'm watching an awards show, I'm usually talking to Valerie during the commercials.

Of course we have opinions about EVERYTHING...and at one point during this year's Grammy Awards -- there was the inevitable long and terrible performance (in a foreign language, I'm almost certain) -- I called her and said, "E-N-C"....

Which is code for...


Speaking of clothes -- I think I'm the only person in America who loved Fergie's outfit. Really. The minute I saw her -- a big smile came over me. I was tickled down to my toes...I mean -- really...

An orange see-through-lace-tablecloth dress?

With black underwear??

After spending thousands of dollars, and considering dozens of options, Fergie spent 8 hours of primping with a team of styling experts. By the time she walked out of her hotel room, she was thinking to herself..."what can possibly go wrong?"

Oh, yeah, you've gotta love those award shows!!

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