Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Episode #6 -- spoiler alert

I am in a state of shock.



I thought his blue jacket, trimmed with the suede was the most original thing in this episode. Furthermore -- every single week, he BROUGHT IT to that runway. He never had a miss. He was never in the bottom. His garments were original, beautifully made, and always completely finished -- with a "RAMI" point of view.

Here's who should have went home BEFORE Rami...

Kara -- she hasn't done a single piece this season that is memorable. And for this episode, she sent down three lifeless pieces with absolutely no point of view...

Michael Costello -- this week he totally copied Jerrell -- and it reminded me of the first week when his mop dress looked exactly like April's mop dress. WHO ARE YOU, MICHAEL??

Austin -- I'd hate to lose him -- but his bolero pink jacket with the printed ruffle looked like something Jacqueline Smith would be selling in her K-Mart 1986...

Kenley -- her blue polka dot ONE PIECE short-shorts outfit was just silly. The fabric looked cheap and there was not one thing about it that felt fashion forward.

I think Rami was robbed...

And so was the audience....

I'm going to go do a little grieving just isn't going to be the same without those guns...


  1. OMG!! I KNOW!! LIKE TOTAL SHOCK LAST NIGHT! The judges tore everyone apart. I wasn't impressed with anyone's 100% - just elements here and there.
    Laura in Puyallup

  2. Is Michael bribing the judges? I didn't like his stuff before and I still don't care for it.

    Why do we watch this stuff?