Thursday, February 16, 2012


Lillian is going to be three years old soon -- and her grasp of language is fascinating.

During a recent visit -- I made eggs and sausage for breakfast. After a few bites, she said, "this sausage is too spicy for me, Grandma."

Wow. That's major. Just a few weeks ago -- she would have NOT eaten something I made -- but I wouldn't have known what she didn't like about it.

Oh -- yes -- here's a completely random picture of her wearing a little A-line dress I made out of a woman's t-shirt...(two shirts, actually -- note the different sleeves)...

That afternoon, John was sitting at the table, minding his own business -- when Lilly went over to him, poked his stomach, and said, "why is your tummy so full, Grandpa?"

He smiled and said, "I'm just old and fat, honey."

I felt bad for John. Out of the mouths of babes and all that...

Later that night, Lilly was sitting in my lap. She can be a sober child at times -- and she was looking at me earnestly...for a long time...

Finally, I asked, "what?"

She said, "why do you have a mustache, Grandma?"

OKAY, OKAY, I know EXACTLY how Grandpa was feeling....Having children in your life can be brutal.

Gheesh...I wonder how long this annoying honesty is going to last?

Fast forward....three days later -- I was trying on CLOTHES FOR SEW EXPO -- and I started whining about how fat I am.

John (trying to make me feel better) said, "You're not fat, Rita. I'M THE FAT MAN, remember?

You're just the bearded lady...."

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  1. I have a granddaughter just like that and she never fails to let me know when things are not what she expected. She asked me why my teeth are yellowish, and why my arms are flabby. I said "just because". Not to worry, we ALL get those questions. Someday someone will be asking THEM those questions!! LOL!