Sunday, February 6, 2011

Treadmill addiction

In order to DO THE TIME (on the treadmill) -- I play tricks on myself. I listen to books on tape...and I put on my headset and have phone calls with friends...sometimes, I tell myself if I walk one mile, I can take a 'sewing break"...(my sewing machine is next to my treadmill)....before I walk the second mile...of course, there's "counting"...

The other day, trying to get in Mile 2, I called Mary Mulari for a catch-up visit. She is glad I was back on my treadmill. In a moment of reckless optimistic encouragement -- she said, "getting on the treadmill every day can be addictive."

I hit the "stop" button and said, "what are you talking about? I could no more get addicted to walking on this treadmill than I could get addicted to root canal surgery..."

Really. Nobody in the history of the world ever got addicted to the treadmill...

I know you meant well, Mary -- but, honestly -- it would be easier to get addicted to having a dog pee on my carpet.


  1. OMG woman!! Look where your treadmill is! No wonder you hate using it! Your upstairs is all funky with fun and color and great things to look at! You need to change the environment around your treadmill! At least put up a bulletin board with pictures of Lillian and Sophie to make you smile! Can you squeeze in a television to watch sewing shows or soaps or whatever? Move the treadmill upstairs so you can look out the window? Do SOMETHING, my friend, so that you can be at least semi-addicted! You already know it will be worth it!

  2. YOU'RE RIGHT! I'm gonna move the treadmill up to where the Christmas tree least for awhile...Nice window, television...PERFECT!!