Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Blackhawk

Okay -- glitch fixed. I spent $20 to buy 80 MG of additional storage space. Whatever tha means...so now I CAN POST MORE PICTURES...

Just so you know -- it's wrong to encourage me...

Since Deena's surprise birthday party -- I've received emails from all over the country telling me how much they enjoyed reading about the renovated Blackhawk Hotel...(okay -- maybe there was only Linda P. in Phoenix and Barbara in Wisconsin...)

It really is a stunning renovation -- everywhere you look -- here's the stairs leading up to the Second Lobby...
Many rooms have a view of the Mississippi River. This window is in the old "Davenport Club" on the 9th floor.

One of my favorite pictures of that day. We look like the members of a very important board of Directors, don't you think? Jackie, Deena, Kim, me, Linda, Billie and Ronda.

They want the check-in desk to look like it might have looked in 1915...so it's two low-key, simple desks.

Me and Linda sitting on one of the custom-made chair/sofa/thingy bobs...as we're waiting for dinner...
I'm posting THIS SPECIAL PICTURE because today is Linda's birthday!! So guess what? Yes -- we're taking her to breakfast at the Blackhawk!!

Almost makes you wish you weren't spending the winter in Arizona, eh, Linda??

Linda's Mom is joining us -- she'll enjoy seeing the NEW BLACKHAWK HOTEL...

So far, since the opening, I've had occasion to go to the Blackhawk once a week...I think this is a habit I'll keep.

Happy Birthday, Linda!!

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