Friday, February 4, 2011

Oprah vs. Dr.Phil?

First of all -- I watch way more television than you do.

Really. I'm not kidding. I start my day with the TODAY show, never miss the View, move on to soap operas, then Oprah, Dr. Phil, every Real Housewife series, HGTV shows, PBS, the Pickers, American Idol, Dance with the Stars -- well, I'm sure you get my drift...

Oprah changed my life. She changed YOUR life. Thanks to Oprah, we can all be our very best, most authentic selves...and I'm only being a little sarcastic....really. Even though the woman is pretty full of herself -- I have always believed she was sincere. The success of her show has provided her with a huge platform and I think she has been very responsible.

Now that she's created her own planet -- the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) -- in all the commercials, they refer to "the Oprah Affect". Ordinary people call or write to say how Oprah changed their lives...

Great. I get it. Totally. However -- could we talk about her protege -- Dr. Phil?

In his first season, he took on "the Dr. Phil" family. Erin and her husband, Marty, had two daughters. 15-year old Alex was pregnant.

Uh huh. He is going to show them how to get in touch with their feelings. Be better parents. More understanding. Or was it tough love? I got the impression the girls ALL loved the trips to the Dr. Phil show -- the make-up, being the center of attention...

One of the first things he did was send the whole family on a relaxing Florida vacation...

So, every season he does an "update" with his special family. And -- in the five or six years he's been "counseling" this special family....guess what's happened?

Well, Erin and Marty shared the most personal details of their sex life...they are estranged from both their daughters...the youngest, Katherine, was dating somebody in prison...

And the pregnant teenager? Alexandra has now had THREE babies by three different men. She is an uneducated, unemployed homeless drug addict. Her parents are raising the children...and the 5-month old was born addicted.

So -- this is "The Dr. Phil Affect"???

I'm just saying...if you are having any family problems -- do NOT call or write the Dr. Phil show.

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  1. Those families need a little Hobby to keep them out of trouble. I never understood WHY they wanted to share so much on National TV anyway! I too am a TV Reality Show-a-holic. I'm a bit more selective than you however. (BTW: my e-mail to Asagawa came back undeliverable. I still don't have my tickets)