Monday, February 28, 2011

Blackhawk Lunch with Kelcy

Today is the day I leave for Puyallup. I hope to see MANY OF YOU AT THE SHOW. If things go right -- I've written some blogs which will post automatically, even while I'm out of town...AND, if I can figure it out -- I'd like to post a few blogs while I'm at the show. THAT WOULD REALLY BE AWESOME...But, if there aren't any new posts -- you'll know it's because I'M IN PUYALLUP.

Let me think...the last time I took my niece Kelcy out for lunch -- I think she was 15 years old.


That was a long time ago. Now she's married, mother to Mason with another baby on the way. She's a full-grown adult, but I don't exactly know when that happened!

Anyway -- she was attending a marketing seminar for her job -- and when I heard about it -- I signed up as well. Because -- guess what?

It was at the Blackhawk Hotel!!

Here we are -- in the Bix Bistro -- having a lovely lunch.

We talked about adult things. Our jobs. The Army. The Babies. Web sites, online marketing...

Then we went to the top of the Blackhawk to what used to be the "Davenport Club". What a spectacular view.

Since they were mostly trying to sell radio time -- I didn't get that much out of the seminar. But it was a really special day because of the time I spent with Kelcy. And hey -- the refreshments at the Blackhawk Hotel were FANTASTIC. Look at the size of those brownies!! They were actually WARM, PEOPLE..!!

The fresh berries were a nice touch, eh? Next is a great picture of Kelcy. All grown up. We had the nicest was so special, spending time with this accomplished young woman who I've known since the first moment of her life..

I have so many memories of her childhood. And I'll happily add this day to that scrapbook. Oh, yes. We are very proud...

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