Sunday, February 13, 2011

Book Nook

Okay -- I finally opened MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT from John. He gave me a Barnes & Nobles color Book Nook. Yes, it took 6 weeks for me to turn the thing on...I've been busy.

Well, the truth is...

A year ago, I thought I wanted a Kindle (the book reader from But then I decided against it. Mostly because I like the feel of a REAL BOOK...and the truth is -- I get most of my books at the Goodwill for 88 why would I pay $9 for a downloaded book?


So -- I got over the Kindle thing. Really. I totally talked myself out of it.

However -- then I traveled to Mary's wedding in September with Gail Brown. Gail is addicted to her I-Pad...(here she is, fixing the video at Mary's reception...she is a techno-GEEK)

THEN, Oprah did her "Favorite Things" show -- and of course -- IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE I-PAD...SO -- like everybody else in America -- I decided I wanted an I-Pad.

So, on Christmas morning, when I opened John's gift, a Book Nook from Barnes & Nobles -- my brain kept thinking, "this is not an I-Pad" some point, I was afraid I said that out loud...

This is why people hate Christmas....

Anyway -- I am only telling you this because John NEVER READS THIS BLOG. And he really, really was trying to buy me something very special. Apparently, the guy at Barnes & Nobles gave John a great demonstration. The Book Nook can do email, and Facebook, and John believed I would use it all the time and totally love it..

My first issue is that Barnes & Nobles charges $12.99 for many of their e-books. What a rip-off!

However -- you can download free books from the library -- anybody know how to do that?

AND there's some website where they give away a free book every Friday. Any information on that, people?

It has a "lending" feature. But since I don't actually know anybody else who has one...

Hummm... even though I have watched the tutorial. And visited the booth at Barnes & Nobles...after a week of trying...I just can't help but think...

This is not an I-Pad...

John thought he was doing such a wonderful thing for me. Here he is, on Christmas morning with Lillian... He just wanted everybody to have a wonderful Christmas.

As God is my witness...I'm going to learn to love this thing.

Even though it is not an I-Pad...


  1. Rita - I use the OverDrive software from the Bettendorf Library every once in a while, so we may need a sit down session together on that, as each time I download a book, it seems like a new experience. The Helpdesk ladies at the library hadn't ever used the software so weren't much help. Sandy S.

  2. Cedar Rapids has the OverDrive software too. You're going to love downloading books - less than $.88! Anne

  3. Thanks S...and Okay, Anne...if you say so...

  4. I depends on what you want to read. You can get the classics free at, or you can go to or Sometimes you can get free books at Amazon. Really! Zero cost. They come in different formats, there's bound to be one that's compatible with the Nook.

    I thought I'd hate the Kindle but it beats carrying two or three paperbacks if you're on an extended trip.

  5. Obviously a typo... I meant IT depends. BTW I got help on the downloading from the nine year old granddaughter.

  6. So Rita do you still have this Nook? The free android update at practically turns the Nook color into an ipad, and Lillian will love some of the things you can download, which are pretty cheap, I mean inexpensive!