Sunday, February 20, 2011

possible cover pics

Dear Janet -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I spent hours going through pictures from the last two years -- looking for something zippy for the Registration Brochure. My criteria was mostly just about fun shots, happy faces,

If you want to use any of these -- you can just copy them out of this blog post, right? Otherwise -- let me know and I'll send it under separate cover...

this first shot goes with a later picture -- I just sent this closeup because it might be a good caption for the later pic...

A Simplicity Style Show pic...

I would like one shot of the Hey Rita I sent several for you to pick from. If you want to crop the bag -- that would be is a well known character on the show blog and would add a fun element to the brochure

happy people taking a hands-on class

another hey rita tote possibility

this is a real "sisters" group from Alaska

My best Pillowcase Patrol picture of the kids with their pillowcases

another great pillowcase shot -- good pic of Barbara from the hospital

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