Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Girlfriend Manicures!

Gee -- here's a picture of me, enjoying some delicious Tiramasu...IT MUST BE MY BIRTHDAY...!! (last year -- not today...)

Not right now -- but from last year. And I'm sitting in a manicure chair...
One of my favorite things to do is have my big toe a DIFFERENT color than the other toes. In this case, I went with orange and pink...

This session was a gift from my cousin Kim. We don't do it often...which is why it's so special...

My last manicure was with my sister Ronda. SHE HAD NEVER HAD A MANICURE. I could not believe it...she's recently retired -- so, as a surprise, on our way to the Blackhawk Cousins party -- I took her to a manicure shop. SHE IS HOOKED, believe me!!

(for myself -- since it was the holidays -- I got red polish on all my toes, with silver glitter on just the BIG toe. Fabulous!)

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