Sunday, February 27, 2011

DELICIOUS Scrambled Eggs

John has 20 chickens who lay the most beautiful brown eggs you can possibly imagine. They are perfect. Every day -- 20 brand new, fresh, delicious eggs.

Obviously, we can't eat 20 eggs every single day -- so he does sell the extras (for $1.50 a dozen). But we DO eat a lot of eggs.

And, breaking eggs into a bowl has ALWAYS been one of Cash's favorite things to do. (well, he also quite enjoys licking any kind of beaters...)

During his most recent visit, Uncle John and Cash made scrambled eggs. This is not a new dish, of course. Everybody in the world knows how to make scrambled eggs. BUT -- I'm telling you -- JOHN HAS A WHOLE NEW SPIN ON THIS SIMPLE DISH...
He was watching an episode of the "Barefoot Contessa". Ina Garten. Do you know her show?

Well -- the way she makes scrambled eggs is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than anything we've ever tried. The key is LOW AND SLOW...

Whisk 6 eggs with a little milk. Then, put a pan on the stove and melt 1 TBL of butter on the LOWEST HEAT. Pour in the eggs, and stir constantly...

The eggs are light and fluffy...not rubbery. NO BROWN, PEOPLE...gentle cooking, gentle stirring. Really. This simple cooking method takes scrambled eggs to a whole different level.


LOW AND SLOW...thanks, Ina. You are a genius!!

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