Friday, February 25, 2011

My New Show Shoes

Did I tell you that I signed up for a 4-week photography class? Every Sunday afternoon, at CommUniversity -- at St. Ambrose University in Davenport. The teacher explained how to avoid that pesky "automatic" setting on my little "point & shoot" camera. For the "portrait section" of class I made the manual adjustments he talked about...hummm...

Easily bored. I decided to take this picture of my new shoes (using the "AUTO" settings). I could not resist these shoes!

I did turn the flash off, so nobody knew what I was doing...
Here's a better shot -- from the side. Doesn't it look like I'm wearing a quilt?
I swear. THEY ARE PERFECT SHOW SHOES. And sooo comfortable. I have a very difficult time finding shoes that will stand up to the SEVEN MILES of walking that I'll do in Puyallup...
But -- I am hopeful. Do you think I could sew some zebra fabric on that strap??


  1. They looked WONDERFUL! Where did you get them? What are they called? Do they come in wide widths?
    Don't just leave us hanging!!!

  2. I LOVE THEM. I bought them at my local Younkers. They are made by KEEN and only cost $72. (that was the regular price -- they weren't even on sale!). I have a wide foot, and they are very comfortable. Maybe we should have a shoe seminar at Expo?? I'm a big fan of Naots...and just bought a pair of FINN shoes from Germany. I am hopeful...

  3. Only SEVEN miles of walking at Expo????? I'm thinking maybe you meant each day :-)
    So, I'm seeing zebra fringe added to your shoes. You know how some guys dress shoes have the leather fringe or tassels on the top. You could do that with zebra fringe/tassels.
    Anyways, see you next week.
    Laura in Puyallup