Thursday, February 24, 2011

Deborah and houndstooth

When Deborah was back in Iowa for her visit -- of course I took her TO A THRIFTSTORE.

You have NOOOO IDEA what a new experience this was for Deborah. The truth is, my sister Deb doesn't shop at discount stores (much less thrift stores!) nor does she eat at family restaurants...

But -- here -- don't you think she looks thrilled to be finding a 100% wool Houndstooth jacket for only $2??

C'mon, Deborah -- admit it -- THAT IS A BIG SMILE ON YOUR FACE.

Cousin Linda -- an EXPERIENCED thrift-er -- bought a nice warm winter coat for her son Dan -- who was going to be visiting from California. That turned out to be a wonderful purchase -- as during his time here, it was below zero every day...and he would have been pretty darn chilly in his California duds.
I am anxious to see what Deborah decides to do with her new wool jackets and sweaters. It will be some kind of recycling project...that will most likely involve machine embroidery...


I'll keep you posted...

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