Monday, December 27, 2010

Pine Needles

I already told you about my fabulous day in Cedar Rapids -- with my friend Anne...we had a wonderful time at Pine Needles quilt shop...
I was wearing the denim vest my sister Debbie embroidered for me -- and if that wasn't fun enough -- OF COURSE I was carrying the Hey Rita tote...

During this intense SHOPPING TIME OF THE YEAR...I just wanted to do a little commercial for the Mom & Pop stores in your town. Support them when you can. This economy is tough for any business -- and if you have a beautiful quilt shop like Pine Needles -- you want to spend your fabric/machine dollar THERE whenever possible. THEY are the stores who are supporting you with classes and special events.

Pine Needles is a beautiful store -- with hundreds of sample quilts, the latest fabrics and patterns -- a large class schedule...and, of course -- SPECIAL having Mr. Bernina here pictured with his handsome professional photographer...

The HEY RITA tote discovered a jazzy little starter sewing machine. Which I decided to buy for Emily for Christmas. I LOVE THE GRAPHICS...shouldn't somebody be making a little ZEBRA striped sewing machine??

And how much more special to have Mr. Ueltschi actually AUTOGRAPH the machine, eh?

I'm just saying -- why not GIVE SEWING AS A GIFT THIS YEAR...? By giving Emily this little sewing machine, and a few "how to" lessons -- she might build her confidence and THAT'S A GOOD THING.

And -- hey -- even if it doesn't light a sewing fire in her heart -- at least I won't have to pack up my sewing machine when I go to visit!

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