Thursday, December 30, 2010

Don't Text While Driving

I don't think many young people read my blog -- but my hope is that you will PASS THIS ON to the young people in YOUR OWN LIFE. It's a 10 minute film about the dangers of texting while driving. I'm sending it to Ross, Elliott and Emily -- then also to my nieces and nephews...and I'm going to keep sending it until every one of them promises me they will QUIT TEXTING WHILE DRIVING....

I'm asking my cousins to send it to their kids. Eileen -- please send it to Janelle and Ted. Mary -- send it to Luci.

If you have ever been even a little bit annoyed by a young person in your life who loves to 'text" -- you need to understand that THEY ARE DOING IT WHILE THEY DRIVE. And they're killing people...mostly, themselves...

Then -- speaking of Eileen Roche -- check out Eileen's blog over at Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine. Her Christmas post was a fabulous project about doing a family recipe Rita Farro -- and it's a really fun project, too!! Thanks, Eileen -- I STILL think it's one of the best gifts I ever made.

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