Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hibiscus and Lilly

Okay -- it is a well established fact that I am NOT A GARDNER. And John has been a little distracted by the golf this year....

But I wanted to share two spectacular flowers that -- despite my deliberate lack of interest and John's unintentional benign neglect -- were persistant enough to flourish right outside our living room window.

This flower is a stunning burgandy hisbiscus...(right??)

Then, right below it -- a gigantic persistant surprise lone-lily.

We've been so busy this summer, John called my cellphone and said, "be sure to look at the lilly outside the picture window when you get home."

The next morning, as we were getting out of bed at 5:30 AM, John asked, "did you look at that beautiful lily?"

Me, "Yes...it is stunning..."

Then John asked me, "What color is it, Rita?"

After 40 years of marriage -- he still doesn't trust me...? Lol...YES, JOHN, I REALLY DID SEE THE FLOWER. I EVEN TOOK A PICTURE. ITS DARK PINK, TRIMMED IN WHITE...

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