Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday NYC Update

To review -- Bonne and Jan, our "Inspired2Sew" girls -- were each sent identical boxes of "New York City" treasure. They determined their own deadlines, and set about with the sewing and the TRASH-TALKIN or this blog sewing's a picture from their show at last year's Expo...

The first part of the challenge was a beautiful floral knit fabric from Mood Fabrics. They both KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK...and I posted the pictures of their finished projects for ONE WEEK ONLY. So now, drumroll, we're coming to the STATUE OF LIBERTY shawl. I posted some teaser pictures last week -- and their deadline is next week -- August 8. But here's a sampling of the emails I received this week:

From Jan: I'm done with our Statue of Liberty challenge!!! Got 'er done, yes sireeeeee!!! How 'bout it Bonne, are you ready yet? See dear friend, you pulled this with me last time, and I'll be darned if I'll be last done this time!!! So keep me posted and we'll send our pics at the same time!!! This is FUN!!!! byeeee for now, jan the fearless.......let me see, what's next?......Hye ladies, did you watch project runway last night?!!! I wished they wouldv'e gotten rid of casanova - arghhh!! and a few more!!! Gonna be a good season I think!

From Bonne: Hey There! WOW Jan! You are Speedy Gonzales! Talk about pressure!!! LOL!!! I'm not done, but close enough I can match your new shortened deadline...thought you were going to catch me mid garment construction...HA! :-) Since we actually have another week I wonder if Rita would like a peak at our YA YA Sister challenge from the T-shirts we were given at their Expo show for next weeks Blog?

Again, from Bonne: Well ladies, I just couldn't do it. Remember last week I mentioned I was hesitant to cut my shawl? I had the garment sketched out... okay Jan quit laughing :-) Truth be told I'm artistically challenged with paper and pencil so I did my usual...copy the front and back views from the pattern envelope and scribbled in my design. But I just couldn't do it, every time I look at the shawl it reminded me of how deeply Lady Liberty has touched me each time I've seen her in person. Since I couldn't combine the shawl into the jacket, I had to make the shawl coordinate with the jacket! Bonne

Jan replied: Oh my gosh, you couldn't cut into the shawl? You make me look like a monster !! Like I don't like Lady Liberty!! Thanks Bonne!! THAT WAS the challenge!! I'd better see you wearing this shawl around town now or at least at work!! jan the really fearless!!

Bonne: All the more reason we need to get you to NY so you can experience for yourself! Just like the Vietnam war memorial wall She creates such powerful emotions. I think of all the people coming to this country (including my paternal grandparents) and how they must have felt seeing Lady Liberty as they first arrived in America.

Okay -- so NEXT MONDAY you'll see the pictures of their Statue of Liberty Challenge...and -- all this talk about New York City has made me wonder if maybe we should ask somebody to PUT TOGETHER A TRIP to NEW YORK CITY?? I would be happy to be the unofficial tour guide...maybe I know a guy who could make the arrangements...hummm...

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