Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Walgreen Fashions

I have a favorite pair of lightweight summer pants -- white with turquoise splashes of color. I LOVE these pants...and always wear them with a white t-shirt...because I could never find a top of the right turq. color...

Then -- at a WALGREEN's -- I found the perfect color shirt -- and the white words were a great bonus...

The good news is the shirt was $3 -- but the bad news is it's a size SMALL...

But HEY -- I SEW! The whole thing has turned into a sewing challenge. Using a white shirt that DOES fit me -- I'll poke the turq shirt inside -- make a double collar -- then maybe cut away the white to expose the turq shirt words??

Hummm...I could make a turq stripe somewhere....or maybe cut up the turq shirt to make some of my favorite stuff -- t-shirt fringe!!

If it works out -- I'll wear it to Baby Lock Tech next week. I'll be working in the Schmetz sewing machine needles booth -- and it's ALWAYS fun to have a new outfit. (and they will never know I do my fashion shopping at Walgreen's...)

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