Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chicago Shopping

Did I mention it was the HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR when Marion and I met in Chicago? To be more acccurate -- it was the hottest day of the last FIVE years. But, no matter -- here's my fit friend -- who could have cheerfully walked for MILES...(yes, I am well behind her...)

It is fun to shop in the upscale department and specialty stores to see WHAT'S NEW. And I was delighted with all the knits...with unique finishes...this edge finish would be SOOO easy...

Marion, at the make up counter inside the-store-formerly-known-as-Marshall-Fields. Macy's does a great job -- but it's not the same...

More knits. I love the way they just use the knit, without finishing the edges. QUITE THE, they pleated the rows of raw knits...

Okay -- time for me to take a break. YES, the stores are blissfully air-conditioned.


This kind of shopping is well out of my comfort you can imagine...

But I am always inspired by the new trends and styles -- and you never know when you're going to see something that ends up being your NEW inspiration for a sewing project. And -- hey -- I did manage to spend several hundred dollars on SHOES during my visit to Chicago.

Humm...that could be another blog entry, eh??


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