Monday, August 23, 2010

Talbot Size 14 Pants

Last year, at a critical moment of delusion, I purchased this beautiful pair of embroidered pants from Talbot's -- size 14.

Okay -- I was at a consignment shop -- and I only paid $5. But still....looking back -- WHAT WAS I THINKING??

Obviously, the black embroidery was just TOO STUNNING for me to pass up. At the time, I was losing weight -- and maybe a size 14 seemed like a possibility.

Hey -- I'M OVER IT!! But, I am so in love with the black embroidered flowers...I wonder...what if I could find a pair of beige pants -- just the perfect matching shade -- could I marry the two pair of pants??

Then -- BINGO -- RITALUCK. I found this pair of size 20 pants at the Goodwill store -- and bought them for $1.69...

I love the fact that the legs are embroidered DIFFERENTLY. Sooo creative...

My fat pant legs are a lot wider at the bottom than the embroidered Talbot pants...but I think I can work with them...

If things go well -- one day soon, I'll post a picture of me WEARING MY NEW PANTS.!!

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