Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zelo's Schmetz Designer Dinner

One of my favorite parts of my job is attending sewing conventions and events around the country. The spring Quilt Market was in Minneapolis, Minnesota -- and I got to help out in the Schmetz Needles booth. In this picture -- the Marketing Director for Schmetz --Rhonda Pierce (on the far right) hosted a lovely dinner at Zelo's. Two special guests of honor, Tammy and Jane, are sewing machine dealers who submitted their customer "sewing stories" to the Schmetz blog.

Some of the Schmetz Designers enjoying the Zelo's event -- Luveta Nickels, Janet Pray, Linda McGehee and Kaye Wood. Oh, yeah -- we're having a PRETTY GOOD TIME!!
HEY -- today -- Linda McGehee is featured on the blog --

If you want to SUBMIT YOUR OWN SEWING STORY -- go to the Schmetz website. It's easy! Have somebody do a little video (hey -- my $120 point and shoot camera will do it!) and TELL THEM YOUR SEWING STORY...

The best part of that dinner was hearing everybody's "stories"....well....the dessert was pretty good, too!

Thanks for a fabulous dinner, Schmetz! I'll SEE YOU IN ST. LOUIS!!

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