Sunday, August 29, 2010

Iowa, Eggs & Salmonella

On behalf of the entire population of the State of Iowa -- I would like to apologize for the recent ALARMING outbreak of salmonella in this country -- whereby nearly 500 million eggs have been recalled. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

This is all about greed...and an issue that is always a hot-button in my part of the world -- AGRI-BUSINESS... Decoster Farms should have been shut down years ago...

Decoster Farms, the mega-farms that produced the contaminated eggs -- has a troubling history of poor standards and practices . And that is an EXTREME understatement. It seems to me that for years -- they've violated so many health codes -- Ray Charles could have seen this coming.

Here is an article from the Des Moines Register

And, an even more detailed article from the Chester River newspaper

In the Spring, John got a new batch of baby chicks. 12 of them were destined for our Sunday dinner table. The rest he planned to keep for egg production.

And -- go figure -- last week they LAID THEIR FIRST BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BROWN EGGS. Just in time to save us from salmonella.

Believe me -- there is absolutely no comparison between an egg you buy in the supermarket and a farm-fresh egg. Right now, our bonus is that when chickens first start to lay eggs -- you get a lot of double-yolkers. WHAT A THRILL!

On the day John brought in the first four eggs from his own chickens, I said, "What perfect timing! How can we reward them? What can we do for those sweet chickens, doing their best to save us from salmonella? Could I make them a nice fruit cake? Maybe they'd like some fresh shrimp? Their own little car?.."

How can we ever thank them...

I know it may not be possible for you to have your own chickens -- but I'm just saying -- DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES. BUY YOUR EGGS AT THE LOCAL FARMER'S MARKET...

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