Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lillian's Big Visit

Lillian is 16 months old -- and Emily left her for the VERY FIRST TIME -- to go spend some time with Elliott in Ohio. (he's shooting at the national matches).

So, unbelievably -- we got to babysit for FIVE WHOLE DAYS -- and everything went just super. Lilly loved her new room, and walked herself down the hall for naps and every night to go to bed!!

We also kept their two little white dogs -- Bella and Sophie. From the moment she was born, Sophie has been Lillian's constant companion....and there is no way I can convey their relationship with words...

When I go to to make the slide shows -- the stupid little Poke-man game is pasted on the bottom autoatically. Just click on the little "x" and it will go away. If anybody knows what the html code looks like -- TELL ME -- and I'll remove it!!

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