Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today is Mary's Wedding Day

Today is Mary Mulari's wedding day. All summer, I've been calling her the "accidental bride". Because she was just too darn busy to go DRESS SHOPPING...!! True, she was working on a new book -- and then taping some shows for Sewing with Nancy...But I mean -- c'mon, Mary -- plan the food, look for the flowers -- and for crying out loud -- BUY A DRESS.

Last month, when I was in Chicago with my friend Marion, I jokingly asked her if WE should go shopping for her wedding dress. She said, with some hesitation in her voice, "you're with Marion, right?...(apparently, she was afraid I'd buy something with large polka dots).

My friend Marion has excellent taste -- and God knows she is a knowledgeable shopper!!

AND -- LET'S FACE IT -- Chicago has some of the best shopping in the world...

However -- we decided NOT to go shopping for Mary's dress. Instead, Marion decided she would simply send her own wedding dress to Mary -- just in case. We started calling it "PLAN B".

I am quite sure that having PLAN B -- Marion's "recently worn once" wedding dress -- was the only reason Mary stumbled on to the perfect wedding dress in Madison, Wisconsin. (less than 3 weeks before her wedding.)

Anyway -- Mary's friend Lorraine sent me this fabulous photo of Mary in her Plan B dress...
I am happy to report that by Wednesday, things had all magically come together. Mary's sisters got there on Friday to help her get ready...there actually are 'arrangements"

CONGRATULATIONS on this day, Mary & Doug! You have way more important things to do today than read this blog....but I wanted to post the picture of Mary in Marion's Plan B dress -- to let you to know I was thinking of you on your special day.

(Great job, Lorriane! Thanks for being my co-conspirator.)

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  1. Congratulations to Mary & Doug!!! I wish them much love and happiness.
    Laura in Puyallup