Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bonnie's T-shirt Turban

Okay -- you've met them before. The twins. Bonnie and Barb. We became friends years ago -- when Bonnie Britten was a teacher in my store. I've often said she is the first person I ever met who NAMED the clothes she makes.

One memorable outfit, with lots of brown suede fringes, was called, "Dances With Wolves" this picture -- taken at last year's Sewing & Stitchery Expo -- Bonnie is sitting next to me and her sister Barb is the one wearing leather. (I think...)

Bonnie was recently diagnosed with breast cancer -- and is currently undergoing chemo and radiation. In her always upbeat approach to life -- Bonnie discovered the PERFECT chemo hat...

Because the turban is made out of a recycled t-shirt -- Bonnie thought Mary and I would want to include it in our Midwest Ya Ya show -- and I am excited for such a simple, stylish project. Here are Bonnie's excellent non-sewing directions:

Ok .. . here goes .. . you cut off the XL or L shirt straight across under the arms, you are just using that tube that forms when you cut that off from the rest of the shirt. Lay that tube over your head, with the finished hem of the t-shirt at your forehead, then reach behind you and twist the loop in a figure 8 and keep twisting until you get it tight enough to pull over the front of your head, which holds the flat part on . . . just try it, you will see how nifty it works, with all the t-shirts in the world this idea could be a useful way to upcycle for chemotherapy patients, or anyone with hair loss. It might be on the American Cancer Society website . . too. The program is called Look Good .. . Feel Better and its just one of the pages in the booklet they use for the class.

Thanks for the turban idea, Bonnie. In my own mind, I'm going to call this new creation, "Bonnie's Twisted Turban" ...and you should wear it like you have always worn that fearless smile.

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  1. Tell Bonnie she has a booby buddy in Puyallup who's sending all kinds of positive vibes her way :-)
    Laura in Puyallup

    PS How is Lissa doing?