Thursday, March 4, 2010

Visitor from England

This is an email sent to the Expo office -- a woman from England who came to the show. She hooked up with the Yahoo group -- and we LOVED HAVING HER!!

From: Winifred
Subject: Sew Expo !!

I'm home again in UK after a great and relatively short flight due to wind direction. DH Trevor met me at Heathrow with my luggage which seemed to have got extremely heavy, cant think why !!! I have had such a mind-blowingly wonderful time ! Just sorry not to have met you all, but could have stood beside you for all i know !!

The classes i took were all great perhaps especially Pati's ones. What a thoroughly lovely lady. I just wish i could have done every single one reading experiences of others so far. I saw 2 of the fashion shows and endlessly trawled the booths.Even so, there are ones I missed or could have spent more time in. One or two of you mentioned "Nifty Thrifty" and " Sue's Sparklers". How abs. wonderful they were. Vogue and Pacific Fabrics also. Aaron at VF with the sip vest had his picture taken i can tell you - what an inspiration that was.

All the booths , just great. but best of all, the utter friendliness and politeness of you lovely American ladies, such a difference to over here where I feel invisible sometimes and find it difficult to cope with the " off-hand take it or leave it " attitude. Barb Gooch , who ferried me each day has been an inspiration and great new friend to me. Joanne Schoner who fetched and carried me from Seattle despite a critically ill husband - another bosom pal. I could go on and on. The visit to Pacific Favbrics left me open mouthed ............... what a display !!

Right now, I'm tired , sleepy, and feel quite nauseous but DH is wonderful as he tries to see me thru all the fabric rolls I've brought back, patterns etc. I won the draw for the " Smetsch" Needles class ! Wow!! I'd love to make myself one of the lovely multicoloured jackets I saw so many ladies wearing but I'd stick out like a sore rthumb O'm afraid. I just WISH I could somehow inspire England a bit, to sew more and also to stock some of the wonderful products that I saw. To those who tend to post negatively, you dont know when you're well off !! I passed a fabric shop on the way home from Heathrow and I just GROANED !! That says it all and goes for embelishemts and haby too.

My love to you all and if I can get the cash together before I'm ninety, I WILL BE BACK !!
> xxxxx Luv

THANKS SO MUCH FOR COMING!! And thanks for taking the time to write such positive comments about your time at the show. You are so right, Winifred -- we are very, very lucky to have the wonderful vendors we have, and the first quality speakers. And we ARE grateful...


  1. Wow how wonderful to have you here in Puyallup and so glad you had a wonderful time. This is a quality show...I have been to them all and I think if I did through all my sewing things I would find a lot of the previous remenants such as brochures, programs etc back to when we were at the Tacoma Dome. Not to mention remenants as in fabric too. As usual the staff did a great job. Thanks for filling Eileen in fo the events. My great niece enjoyed spending sunday there with me and can't wait til spring break so we can have sewing day.

  2. We luv Winifred on our Yahoo Groups!
    Laura in Puyallup