Sunday, March 21, 2010

American Pickers

Hey -- this is a big shout out to a coupla local guys who have HIT THE BIG TIME!! Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. They hail from LECLAIRE, IOWA...just ten minutes from my house. What are the chances?

If you haven't seen the show -- you MUST tune in. Monday nights on the History Channel (check your local listings). They are a hoot. And, of course, I only wish I HAD gotten the nod to do the show they're doing. They call themselves "pickers" because they go into old barnes, basements, attics and pick through piles of junk you would not believe -- until they find their "treasure".


In a recent show, after picking through a few outbuildings, Frank & Mike were invited to "pick" through a woman's car. What's so funny, boys? Several years ago, my book club decided to have a Mother's Day luncheon, and I simply walked out to my car and brought in 8 different women's hats to make the event more festive. Right this minute, there are five floor lamps stuffed into the back seat -- and I'm quite sure I could come up with a Dutch Oven, a toaster, five or six jigsaw puzzles, and enough embroidered linens to make up several guest rooms.

If you watch the show -- you'll see lots of shots of LeClaire, Iowa. A charming little Mississippi River town. Frank and Mike used to have an "antique store" in town -- but several years ago, they closed the shop to become full time "pickers". It seems like they have clients all over the world -- and they sell their stuff to restaurants or designers -- maybe on ebay. They seem to have a good thing going -- and I am IN LOVE WITH THEIR SHOW...It's always great to see somebody local hit the bigtime, y'know??
Yeah, now that I'm thinking about it -- I think I'll go out to my trunk and do some "freestyling"...

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